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Sign of the TImes: Failure of the Fourth Estate | by !snap!
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Sign of the TImes: Failure of the Fourth Estate

Sign of the Times: Failure of the Fourth Estate

approx 10k pieces

3' x 2' by 1'

8 colors: black, white, dark & light gray (blay), trans-clear, -red, -yellow, -orange.

Photography: Matt and Mike Doyle




From reckless corporate consolidation of the media industry, the Presidential persecution of whistle blowers to the targeting of independent wartime journalists by our military, our system has completely failed us. The continuous stream of sensationalism feeds our addiction to drama, hyperstimulating the senses with fear and novelty. The war drums beat to the tune of our racing hearts – which rage with fury over manipulated messages driven by those in power.


Personally, my advise would be to shut off the TVs – which drive us away from the essence of a meaningful existence. Ignore all mainstream messages – they are rooted in profit. Focus our thoughts and hearts to kindness, forgiveness and tolerance. The Fourth Estate will burn on its own.




One of the primary new techniques (for me) used in this build was the implementation of Lego nets (71155) for sculpting. By backing each net with smaller plates – set apart by 1 stud – and then using 1x1 round plate pips on the front side (sandwiching the net in between), I had a flexible scrim which I could then build off of. This allowed for the undulating forms in the explosion area.

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Taken on October 4, 2014