2019 Midship Corvette Development
Corvette Genesis Legend Or Myth
& Zora’s Marque of Excellence

Vol. I - The Real Story of the 1953 Corvette
& Zora’s Passion

Vol. III - The History of Zora’s
“Ramjet” Fuel Injection

Vol. VI - Zora’s Fabulous
“Midship” Corvette Development

General Motors never reported the true fundamental reason why Edward N. Cole was sent to Chevrolet Motor Division as Chief Engineer on May 1, 1952. Likewise, Ed Cole never reported his fundamental reason for hiring Zora Arkus-Duntov on May 1, 1953. Everything was GM Top-Secret!

However, everything General Motors and Chevrolet Motor Division did report and publicize about the “staged” birth of the 1953 Corvette, up through the introduction of the Chevrolet 1955 V-8 engine and ultimately the 1957 Fuel Injection system, was pure fiction! The products were of course real however, the publicity was “make-believe” to conceal and shield their true top-secret program.

The author’s Corvette Genesis book series shatters all of the Corvette Urban Myths and replaces them with previously unknown Legendary Corvette achievements by Cole, Zora and many other unsung individuals, both inside and outside of GM and Chevrolet. Half of the author’s massive Six Volume works will be complete on April 29, 2019 with the first release of Volume VI.

Ed Cole’s top-secret 1952 assignment at Chevrolet was GM’s largest automobile program in its history aimed at re-inventing the automobile. The true GM re-invention and rear-engine development story actually began with GM’s prolific inventor Charles “Boss” Kettering in 1932 and a few such WWII military vehicles were produced. The re-invented passenger car project began again in 1945 with GM President “Engine” Charley Wilson’s announcement only to vanish in 1947 due to unavoidable US government political circumstances. The GM re-invention project was then resumed again in 1951 at Charles Chayne’s GM’s Engineering Staff by John Dolza and Daryl Caris.

Ed Cole was assigned to lead GM’s Top-secret re-invention project in 1952 by GM Executive V.P. Harlow H. Curtice; well-known around Flint and at Buick, and, to the S.A.E.

Mr. Cole hired Zora Arkus-Duntov in 1953 as his top-secret project development engineer at Chevrolet R&D. Ed Cole, John Dolza and Daryl Caris’ top-secret prototype all-aluminum rear-engine, transaxle-transmission and independent rear suspension was cobbled by Zora into his 1953 Corvette, for road test development in early 1954.

Zora officially began his quest for a production prototype mid-ship Corvette in 1957, and never looked back. Zora worked relentlessly on many Mid-Ship Corvette prototypes during his 21 years at General Motors, and, certainly more than anyone other than Zora’s wife Elfi, could ever imagine.

Kenneth Kayser’s General Motors career began with Chevrolet Motor Division in 1968 at Chevrolet Tonawanda’s Engine Plant Complex just north of Buffalo, New York as a General Motors Institute co-operative engineering student. Kayser’s forty-year career assignments in engineering and management ended with his involvement in the C7 Mid-engine Corvette program, upon his November 1, 2008 retirement from GM Powertrain Engineering Headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan.

The author’s vast and unique experiences provide extraordinary insight of the inner workings of then the world’s largest corporation General Motors, Chevrolet Motor Division and Zora Arkus-Duntov’s as yet unknown and unheralded Corvette achievements.
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