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SYWBPP is sponsoring another contest thingy again, this time with an incredible prize: free admission to one of Skye's workshops.....The challenge was to try to take inspiration from Skye Hardwick (very, very easy to do!) and translate it into an image of our own (not so easily accomplished).

Skye's photograph of the little girl wearing the tutu, hair in her eyes, sitting the the doorway was the very first photo I 'faved' the day I signed on to flickr. From that photo I bounced from her stream, to her profile, to her Work of Heart website. I was enthralled at the clarity, emotion and depth of the images I found, and my heart jumped each and every time a new image from Cupcake Confessor popped up in my 'contacts' stream. My discovery of Skye and her work inspired me to improve more than anything else.


This project really stretched me to think outside my own comfort zone. I've always been more into catching the moments as they happen, and never really staged much or use props, etc. I had so much fun with it! I can totally relate to what Martha said about having so many ideas that I couldn't sleep at night! I ended up with several options, but ultimately chose this one.

I love Skye's use of deep black and white tones, high contrast, and her 'peek into their world' idea. I also used the 'drag living room furniture out into the field' technique, only this chair came from my guestroom, and instead of a field, we visited the creek. It's actually the oldest piece of furniture I own....brought over from Germany in the 1700's. Other elements I borrowed: beautiful and wild outdoor setting, shabby jeans, bare-chested boys, hats.


This was incredibly fun, and I learned a ton, also.


My sons had a great time, and I've come away with several new all-time favorite shots of them.


The other images that used various elements that are signature Skye can be seen here.

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Taken on February 11, 2007