sinsynplus [shado sinfusion synkretistem | kopffuessler.org]

sinsynplus starts vjing and visual arts back in 2001, working with slide projectors and videodecks. always evolving in hardware and software he is nowadays working completely digital, exploring new techniques and devices like integrating iphone, wiimote and sensor data, programming his own modules and plugins and working on multiscreen setups to push vjing onto the next level.

his style combines graphical elements, interactive, generative, audio-reactive code and real-time manipulated 3D models to an unique visual language.

sinsynplus, studying media art at the academy of fine arts and working with the postproduction company greenpost in munich is co-founder of the visual crews shado sinfusion synkretistem and kopffuessler.org.

since 2010 sinsynplus as part of multimedia art duo mayer+empl specializes in interior and exterior 3D video mapping - an art form that uses the architecture, shape and conditions of the room to project moving images, light or graphics on abstract surfaces, and thus creating an entirely new atmospheric space.




some recent works..

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