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MyVanityFairCover (Full Size) | by Laura Ess
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MyVanityFairCover (Full Size)

This is my contribution to the MyVanityFairCover project/meme, which has its main expression in Twitter and Tumblr. I don't use Twitter, but I do have a Tumblr account, though I prefer Flickr.


Anyway, when I mentioned that I was thinking of doing this to a friend, they said that it was "good to support Caitlin Jenner".  My reply was that I'm not doing this to "support Jenner", who I think will never know of any support I did offer, nor need it. In fact I'm extremely angry at  the way she was presented, as yet another stereotyped image of what a trans woman "ought to be".  Rather, I'd be doing it to show DIVERSITY, because that is something I can rally behind - not an overexposed celebrity whom I never heard of before a month ago.


So who am I? I'm Australian, an artist, a writer, a cartoonist (currently in the process of creating a graphic novel which includes elements about gender transition), a tarot reader, and a trans woman soon to reach her sixties.  Can't say I've ever had much confidence in my appearance and am more of a hippy than a feminist. I'm also a pagan, being a Melissa of Cybele, and also ordained in the Church of Subgenius. One lifts me up spiritually, and the other gives my a humourous defense against life's upsets.


It just didn't feel right to do a straight photo of myself for this - I had the need to include my art somehow and I have. The image is a combination of photo and comic image derived from it. In the background you can see the Trans Tarot Deck I created a few years back, and alos old postcards and even a photo from Second Life, which I also participate in. What we see in the media is seldom a raw product., but rather something polished and spin for one purpose or another. All I'm doing here is pointing that out. Goddess knows if this will do any good, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Here's the Plain Version of this image.

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Uploaded on June 13, 2015