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socialism red flags socialists Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Adolf Hitler | by Pledge of Allegiance must end!
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socialism red flags socialists Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Adolf Hitler

socialism red flags socialists Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Adolf Hitler.


Obama has imposed national socialism everywhere. He turned GM into "government motors."


Obama has never provided healthcare to anyone. Instead, he touted national socialism, he connived a senate seat, and then he shirked it too, spending much of the time away from Washington campaigning for an even higher office. He is dishonorable in so many ways.


Do not pledge allegiance to socialism.


Remove the blood red flags of authoritarianism.


It is the same dogma that was behind the worst murderers of all time: Josef Stalin, Mao Zadong, and Adolf Hitler.


At one rally the caption "National Socialist Health Care, Dachau, Germany - 1945" was written over the piled corpses of Holocaust victims.


Defend yourself against socialist hate crimes.


Socialism = Swastikas. Capitalism = Prosperity


Reject socialism. Embrace capitalism. Oppose vestiges of the National Socialist German Workers Party in today's government.


Oppose Dr. Socialism and support Dr. Capitalism. Support capitalism with the Dollar Bill Ribbon Campaign!


Barack Obama wants to impose more national socialism in the United States.


As only one example, Obama wants to impose socialized medicine. He and his national socialist comrades are a reminder of Josef Mengele: they want to impose mad scientist medical experiments upon Americans.


The United States government already has a long history of imposing national socialism, through the Pledge of Allegiance and more.


National socialists set the worst records that have never been broken in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with ~60 million killed; the Peoples' Republic of China, ~50 million; the National Socialist German Workers' Party, ~20 million. It is known by many names including: the anti-capitalist holocaust; the anti individualist holocaust; the anti minarchist holocaust; the anti capitalist genocide; the anti individualist genocide; the anti minarchist genocide.


It resulted in the persecution of everyone who supported liberty and who opposed bigger government, bigger spending, authoritarianism, and socialism. Individualists and capitalists were persecuted by socialists in the modern inquisitions, also known as the anti minarchist inquisitions; the anti-capitalist inquisitions; the anti individualist inquisitions. The National Socialist German Workers Party even persecuted Jewish people as capitalists.


1843 (published Feb.1844) Karl Marx wrote his notorious, “On the Jewish Question.” In it, he intended to libel Jewish folks when he said they were the quintessential capitalists and worthy of total contempt. Marxists and socialists had no interest in anyone they considered to be “the weak,” only in the loyal, and their “language of social justice” concerned a totalitarian plan for a new man, or more accurately a soldier ant in an ant hill.


The modern socialist inquisitions greatly exceeded the old inquisitions in numbers of people slaughtered. It is referred to as the modern dark age, or the socialist dark age.


Today, the so-called opponents of socialism wave signs of Obama as Hitler and simultaneously scream the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States. Americans have lost their minds.


Some blame for the insanity belongs to Republican National Socialists (including the Bushes, who massively expanded national socialism imposed by the U.S. government). The gallery of 'Bush = Hitler' Allusions competes with the gallery of 'Obama = Hitler' allusions.


It is not enough to merely oppose socialized healthcare. Opponents of socialized medicine will fail unless they include a wider call for cutting government and repeal of earlier socialized healthcare inroads (FDA, certificates of need, medicaid, medicare, the social security scam and social security number cards et cetera).


The typical healthcare commentary in television, radio or print is a constant whine, "if only there were more government." It is such a gestapo drone it is a comedy, made funnier by the complete blindness to the only meaningful alternative: cutting government and increasing liberty.


Of course, government officials never comprehend that they damage medicine, just as no socialist government has ever conceded causing shortages of any other food, clothing, housing or anything.


The socialist dogma is the same dogma that was touted in the late 19th century by National Socialists in the USA. Francis Bellamy (author of the "Pledge of Allegiance") and his cousin and cohort Edward Bellamy (author of the pathetic book "Looking Backward") wanted the government to take over all food, clothing, shelter, goods and services and create an "industrial army" to impose their "military socialism." See the video documentary at


That was the motiviation behind Francis Bellamy's "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag, the origin of the stiff-armed salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry, author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").


It led to the use of the swastika as S-letters for "socialism" on the flag under German National Socialism.


It is the same dogma that led to the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): ~60 million killed under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; ~50 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; ~20 million under the National Socialist German Workers' Party.


Today, the flag symbolizes authoritarianism in the USA. The historical facts explain the enormous size and scope of government today, and the USA's police state, and why it is growing so rapidly. They are reasons for massive reductions in government, taxation, spending and socialism.

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Taken on November 6, 2009