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Software Development Community Chicago

Tim Stall presents ALM: Empowering Teams with Automation and Build Servers


ALM tooling: Empowering teams with build servers and metrics


Everyone knows that automated builds are a good thing, but many teams don't leverage them fully because it's hard to get started. Tim will go over practical techniques and concepts for automating builds with TFS and MSbuild. Once you have an automated build, there are dozens of steps you can hook into it, such as metrics. Tim will walk through several core metrics, including line count, code churn, duplication, complexity, and test code coverage, as well as the concepts and pitfalls for adopting these within a team.


About Tim Stall:


Tim Stall is a Software Architect. He blogs at www.timstall.com. Tim specializes in .Net and has a passion for empowering teams with process, automation, builds, tools, continual education, and enjoys writing blogs and developing side projects. Tim has an MCAD.Net certification. He lives in Chicago with his wife and three children.


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Taken on April 1, 2012