The Guildhall and the Roman amphitheatre

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    The Guildhall, off Gresham Street in the City of London, according to its website, "has been the City powerhouse since the twelfth century. In an era when the Lord Mayor of London rivalled the monarch for influence and prestige, this was where he and the ruling merchant class held court, fine-tuned the laws and trading regulations that helped create London’s wealth." It can be argued that little has changed. The Guildhall is still home of the City of London Corporation, which presides over the City of London and its affairs with scant regard for the laws that apply to everyone else. The black line making part of the arc of a circle in the foreground marks the site of a Roman amphitheatre, the largest in the country, signifying the importance of the site for nearly 2,000 years. Photo taken on July 13, 2012.
    Also see George Monbiot's article from october 2011, when the Occupy London campaigners were seeking transparency and accountability from the City of London for its role in the global economic crash of 2008 and its ongoing inviolability:
    And see the response here:
    For more on Andy Worthington, see:

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