Acer Aspire One Netbook first impressions

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    With some encouraging from my parents I decided to get a netbook for my three week trip in Peru and Ecuador. As an avid blogger and photographer it would be difficult to limit myself to the occasional internet cafe during the trip. On my trip through Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bali I packed my Toshiba Satellite. But this trip i'll just use one bag and want to stay as compact and lightweight as possible.

    As you can see, this thing is tiny. I'm writing this post on my cell phone so a small keyboard isn't a problem. It's small enough that i'll have space for a drink on the tray table of airplanes - impossible with my giant laptop.

    It is light too. There isn't a cd or dvd drive - but i'm not planning on watching movies on this trip. It has an 8.9" screen, 1 GB ram, a 160 gig hard drive, a card reader suitable for my camera, wireless, webcam, and runs on XP. It came with a thin slip case to protect it from scratches. Even the power block is small - a worry that I had. In fact, the power cords add only 11 ounces of weight. I might be able to get that down if I can find a shorter cord that goes from the wall to the power brick.

    I'll be looking for a tiny usb mouse to use with it but if I don't find something it isn't a big deal - I can use the touch pad and just be a little slower. The smaller keys slow me down in my typing a little.

    I can eliminate my cell phone charger and instead charge my phone using the usb port of the netbook but that only saves me one ounce. But it would allow me to sync my phone if I get that software installed in the next 3 days.

    Ugh. Three days. Better get cracking!

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    1. zieak 63 months ago | reply

      Thanks for catching that!

    2. abriwin 60 months ago | reply

      As to the power brick, just cut off the existing mains plug and shorten the cable to whatever you feel comfy with. Then instead of the big mains plugs use something that will be more travel friendly just two pins are enough. It's a brilliant machine for photographers especially with that 5 in 1 media card reader. You can also shove up to 16Gb in the left hand card reader. if only there were a simpe way of installing MacOSX on this machine, however the Linux isn't that bad and apparently the new Linus Ubuntu 9.04 OS is even better.
      It's a perfect machine for a photographer/traveller.

    3. zieak 56 months ago | reply

      Used to illustrate this blog post on Consumer Reports Blog

    4. abriwin 56 months ago | reply

      I managed to get MacOSX running on my machine before it bricked 3 weeks later. Should have left well alone, it was running fine on Ubuntu. :(

    5. abriwin 51 months ago | reply

      As the iPad that Apple brought out is too restricted, no usb ports, no sd slots, not even running Mac OSX or a cut down version, I am going to stick with my little Acer, in the immortal words seen elsewhere, 'I'm lovin' it' for travel it's just fantastic.

    6. abhang2 36 months ago | reply

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