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165/365 - Embarassed!!

So, I have a crazy story to tell... its funny, but embarassing to me! You might remember yesterday that I mentioned having neck pain. Well, what I did not mention was an incident that occured last night. I decided to warm up a heating pad (you know, like the kind that are filled with rice) in the microwave to put on my neck, only this pad was full of herbs and stuff (I guess for aroma therapy. It had a peppermint smell to it.) I had heated it up earlier and was going to heat it up again. Only this time it started to burn and smoke in the mircrowave!

The outside cloth totally burned and the insides were smoldering and about to catch fire! I had to get a spatula and get it out and into the sink. There was so much smoke and so Melissa and I opened some doors and got some fans going. The smoke cleared, but the smell lingered.

And today, I tried opening windows again to air the house out some more. Melissa went to her hair appointment today and told her hair stylist what happened and that her hair may smell like smoke. Well, the hair stylist said "actually, it kind of smells like marijuana". I thought, "oh no, that means our house smells like marijuana!! (I had no idea what marijuana smelled like!) So when I went home I spent even more time trying to get rid of the scent because I had piano students coming. I did the best that I could, but I had parents and visitors alike commenting on how it smelled like marijuana! I shared my story, but I was so embarrassed.

Later on this evening, I then find out that 4/20 (or 420) is known as a Pot Smokers Holiday!!! That timing couldn't have been worse! The one day that my house smells like marijuana happens to be a holiday for pot smokers!! What was in the heat/aroma therapy pad wasn't marijuana, but I guess it sure smelled like it once it burnt! :(

So, I totally hope my students and coaching clients believed me when I shared my story and I hope I can get rid of the smell before my students come tomorrow! So that is my embarassing story!

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Taken on April 20, 2009