Full-Figured Man

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    I spotted this guy at the Nansemond Indian Tribe Pow Wow - I was amazed at how thin his arms looked in comparison to his waist.

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    1. Aari85 54 months ago | reply

      Texas? I'm literally cracking up. That's my former Step-father. Oh my GOD. There is a casino out there, right? He was a big gambler. The thing is, living with that gut for 17 years, you never forget it. I found your photo through www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/24/too-fat-to-graduate-lin.... My mom is also cracking up. This is too strange.

    2. allicat632 54 months ago | reply

      This photo jumped out at me, while looking at a Huffington post news feed on facebook.
      I was married to the "gut". The last pair of pants that I bought him was a size 56, and that was 7 yrs ago. It is not a hereditary condition. Yes, arm and legs are small( was on the thin side once). This is a case of eating a lot and sedentary lifestyle. Also( blame being obese) on everyone else. This photo made my heart race, from fear.

    3. Tobyotter 52 months ago | reply

      This photo got published:

      What An Honor - I Am In Print

    4. Tobyotter 49 months ago | reply

      This photo has been used many times, you can credit me as "Tony Alter".

    5. Antoanet 46 months ago | reply

      Wow! That sure is big. Good idea for a wonderful photo. It makes us modest and humble.

    6. draymondKC 45 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing the photo! We have posted the pic under "Study: Water Helps Dieters Lose Weight" at www.duhmagazine.com, with your name linked back to this web page. Let us know if the attribution is correct. Thanks!

    7. Tobyotter 45 months ago | reply

      That is fine, the link takes them back to my page and they can get my name: Tony Alter, if interested.

    8. Jon Wade 45 months ago | reply

      Love the pic, used it in a YouTube promo video. Attribution link in the description.

    9. canworld 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting this. We've used the image to illustrate an article about the unhealthy lifestyles of men on our website


    10. Antoanet 40 months ago | reply

      I am a columnist at Examiner.com. May I use your photo for my article? Thanks for the chance to show art.

    11. Tobyotter 40 months ago | reply

      Sure Antoanet.

    12. CountryClinic 40 months ago | reply

      thecountryclinicblog.com/blog/excess-pounds-may-be-contag.... I used this photo for my blog.

      Thank you for sharing your photos.
      Dr. Avery N. Martin, B.S., D.C

    13. Tobyotter 40 months ago | reply

      Thanks Dr. Avery = this make a third photo of mine you have used,if you ever decide to give credit to the photographer my name is Tony Alter. I am glad you are finding use for my photos.

    14. Mindful Mum 28 months ago | reply

      Great image, thanks for letting us use it for our Obesity to dads linked to obesity in children article.

      Mindful Mum

    15. gina_b_putt 20 months ago | reply

      I used this photo to accompany a review of a book about psychological aspects of obesity and alcoholism:

    16. Tobyotter 20 months ago | reply

      Thanks for letting me know, glad you could use it,

    17. northwoodsyoga 14 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing this photo. I'm using it on my blog simple-nourished-living.com in a post about the dangers of belly fat/obesity.

    18. Tobyotter 14 months ago | reply

      Glad to have you use it. Thanks for letting me know

    19. ScienceNetworkWA 8 months ago | reply

      Your photo has been selected to run alongside an article and on our facebook page of the online publication, ScienceNetwork WA.

      The article link is:

      Thank you very much for making it creative commons!

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