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Little Emperors in the Making? 2/2 | by johey24
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Little Emperors in the Making? 2/2

Been wanting to do a series like this for some time now, just to show the difference in culture from what I am used to, and basically the result of the One Child Policy. Not judging, just stating facts as per how I see them.


What you see in these two photos is a common sight, repeated millions of times a day here: grandparents collecting children from school in what must be one of the safest countries in the world for a child to grow up in AND THEN carrying all the children's books and bags and stuff.


Where I am from, a child is taught to take responsibility and to become independent as soon as possible. Here in Shanghai and in other big cities where people have mostly one kid, children are pampered and kept in cotton wool for as long as possible. So by so that even some of my 28+ year old students still refer to themselves as "boys" and giggle shyly at the title of "men" .... for men are males who have had sex ....


As you might know, the typical urban household consists of three generations: Grandfather and mother, mom and dad and one child. As this child is the key to the future of the two older generations (future financial support, future emotional support etc) and obviously because she/he is the only Little One around, everything is done for her/him, esp by the Grandparents who are the daily caregivers whilst mom and dad are off earning the big money needed to put Little One through school, pay for several extra lessons at night after school, as well as more lessons all weekend long.


All this to give him / her an edge in such a highly competitive market, thereby, further securing their own retirement.


The irony of this is the resultant "Little Emperor" and "Little Empress" syndrome, which you all must have read about .... as is already kinda visible in this, the second photo of the series.

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Taken on January 18, 2010