Emergency Management/Homeland Security
The Nevada Division of Emergency Management/Homeland Security (DEM) is pleased to announce operation Green Light, a Full Scale Exercise (FSE) scheduled for August 17 -19, 2012. Under Statute NRS 414.170-260, the NDEM establishes the Search and Rescue Program and provides resources to the sheriffs in the state upon request. The county sheriffs are statutorily responsible for Search and Rescue within their jurisdiction per NRS 248-092.

Operation Green light is designed to involve several jurisdictions in a series of exercises, drills, and other preparedness activities utilizing a progressive approach. These activities include participation by local, state, and federal agencies that support response efforts during a severe weather incident in Nevada. The scenario is designed to stimulate extreme conditions that sweep west to east causing much damage, power outages, transportation corridor issues, road wash outs, downed aircraft and missing persons. Sheriff offices and volunteers, from eight of Nevada’s counties are participating in a particular incident caused by the storm.

Specific simulated scenarios include: a helicopter crash in the Ruby Mountains south of Elko, a stranded rancher in Pershing County, a plane crash in a remote area of Lyon County, an overdue solo climber in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, and an injured motorcyclist in Storey County.

Operation Green Light will further develop and strengthen regional partnerships and enhance emergency preparedness, response, and prevention capabilities.

The participating counties are listed as follows: Carson City, Douglas, Elko, Humboldt, Lyon, Pershing, Storey and Washoe County

Four federal agencies: The National Weather Service, Fallon Naval Air Station, United States Air Force Coordination Center and the Civil Air Patrol.

State Agencies: Nevada Air National Guard, Nevada Army National Guard and the Division of Emergency Management/Homeland Security.

Media from the local jurisdictions are welcome to contact their law enforcement partners for more insight on the exercises taking place in that county.
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