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Ok, this is going to date my age fo sho!! Remember the song "Strangers in the night", ok, imagine that... out walking the dogs late at night,out of the corner of my eye i see what looks to be a small bird fly right by my jack R, buddy, Rambo the boxer, and myself. As i begin to look, i see what looks to be an owl, but not sure. I grab my flashlight, and there before me sits an eastern screech owl. Years ago i'd seen one in our backyard as it's quite wooded, with the florida live oaks, and pines. So now the race is own to run home and grab the camera , flash and capture this cutie!! Not sure what lens to thrown on, so i grab the 100mm F 2.8, 580ex flash, and the 7d! Of course after hurrying back out,the bugger is no where to be found!!! As i start to walk back inside , with major rejection, i see a motion, and sure enough,Screehie hie is back!!! Ok, so now comes the hard part, trying to focus in the dark, and unable to hold a light on the owl, and then focus.. after several attempts, i decided to prefocus on a street light down the street, so i threw down a burst, and sure enough, in the middle of the burst are two frames,, with the correct exposure, and the owls, looking dead on at me. I'd like to give credit to the guy, that taught me this technique!! Al Forns told me this years ago, and boy has it paid off! Remember the flash will lose power in a burst, as the recycle gets longer, thus you are apt to capture a good exposure somewhere in the burst; provided, you are in the ball park to start... So here you have it...the Hamilton back yard Stranger in the Night... I'm sure my neighbors think i'm nuts out with a camera, flashing away after midnight! Click on image too darken background.

See the story section for the opening my upcoming Alaska trip!!

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Taken on August 11, 2012