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Wyvern | by Magnus-L
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The Wyvern multirole combat helicopter is the lightest, most agile, and most dynamic helicopter in service with the CBU. Its many roles include antiarmor gunship, target illumination, antipersonnel gunship, light transport, and medevac. It's crew consist of a pilot and copilot/navigator as well as up to three gunners or a medic, and it has a limited troop transport capacity.


It typically carries either a pair of unguided rocket pods or two pairs of guided missiles. It also has two miniguns or heavy machine guns that can either be fixed to fire forwards or be used to fire to either side by door gunners. A rear mounted light MG can also be fitted.


Thus, it can carry out much the same roles as the Dragon and the Pegasus (in addition to other missions as well), but is much smaller and more manouverable than either.


The Wyvern started out as my attempt to build a "Kiowa equivalent" to complete my CBU helo fleet. It ended up a little larger than a Kiowa would be, but it is still substancially smaller than the Dragon and Pegasus. I had been meaning to build this for a long time but it was finally Ralph Savelsberg's helicopter that got me started in the right direction and was a direct influence.


Aesthetically this is perhaps the helo I've built that I'm happiest with. It's also my first ever MOC that I've successful used an odd number wide base for. The seven wide base, which tapers up to a six wide top was tricky to get right but was a great building experience.

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Uploaded on February 1, 2009