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CIAS 2011 :::THE A-10 WARTHOG comes to HOGTOWN

SHE'S A BEAUTY—but she's deadly!


THE A-10 was designed AROUND the GAU-8 Avenger which is basically a 30mm cannon/Gattling gun. Think an impressive 3,900 rounds a minute! Think bye-bye tank, armoured carrier, or column of vehicles. Think Operation Odyssey Dawn and bye-bye Libyan ground forces.


A-10s are famous for taking out enemy supply lines—in 1 to two second canon bursts! That's all it takes.They pounce on and pound their victims!


The A-10 has 1,200 pounds of armour and can fly even after being heavily damaged.


Remember Kim Campbell (not Canada's laughable PrIme Minister) but the USAF female pilot whose A-10 sustained incredible damage during the 2003 invasion of Iraq? With one engine gone on her A-10, her hydraulics gone, she still flew for over an hour in this condition and made it home.




The stubby wings are clipped for incredible manoeuvrability at low heights and at low speed.


The A-10—I thought I was watching flew around a 50 foot building, disappeared, and then was on top of us startled photographers—before we could fire off a shot. A camera shot that is!


I said to everyone there, that if this had been war—we'd be done!


We all laughed—but one guy didn't.


I love this airplane. In my top 5 for sure.


You 'gotta love Toronto's Air Show for 2011!


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Taken on September 6, 2011