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Troll Dreadbringer

3 months earlier

Battle was over. Dead bodies lied around the barrack at the outskirt of Dalmanutha. Some loreesi guards, a few green skinned orcs but mostly lenfel knights. A whole army of proud young men. They were a glorious invading army a few hours before, swarmed the barrack in the faith of confident victory. But suddenly a band of ferociuos orcs appeared from the buildings and they changed the outcome of the battle.


Burlogh O'Rohal wiped the blood from his face and walked to the dying Sir Edvyn. - You fought well, old man. You defended the holding of Lord Mencot. Now go and meet your ancestors! The warchief saluted as life went out of the knight's body. Come on, lads, bury our fallen comrades then have a drink for their souls!


Two days later

Lord Mencot checked the list of casualties then left out a loud sigh. - Warchief Burlogh, I need to thank for your intervention. Without you I would have lost not only all my brave soldiers but my barrack and my supplies. Please, name the price of your help.

A wide smile spread across the troll's face. - Do't worry, human, you can keep your money. I only need a small favour. Grant me acces to the Great Library of Dalmanutha...



And that is the true story how Bleeding Claws get the newest plans of the greatest military engineers in Roawia.


My entry for Mark's Castle Battle Contest - Epic Siege category.

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Taken on August 27, 2013