Svetlana Mircheva / RANDOM SHOW
From 19 May to 21 June 2011 Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, presented Svetlana Mircheva's solo exhibition Random Show.

Random Show is once again related to the idea of uncertainty of perceptions, only this time referring to the random, accidental as a loss of frame, of context, and of the immediate environment of events and objects. The core words for the exhibition, TIME and PLACE, are represented as strange monuments that mark the space as a place of absence, but also of discovery, where the accidental is an open horizon of imagination. The four models of the gallery space represent undeveloped, unaccomplished ideas for exhibitions. In such a way Svetlana Mircheva overturns the very idea of how an exhibition is created, presenting the very action as random. The exhibition is an "open" space, which similar to a box serves as a receptacle for various "saved" images, found objects and symbols.

Vladiya Mihaylova
Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia

Installation photos by Boris Missirkov
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