August, Porto Alegre
Traveling to Porto Alegre in August to spend two weeks "on the ground" making several large, yellow-green, Oncosclera jewelli sponges out of hand-dyed wool. Working cooperatively with VCUarts undergraduates and "Sponge HQ Monitors" Gavin Foster and Lindsay Clements (who traveled with me), Producer Luciane Bucksdricker, Assistant Producer Francesco Settineri and Biennial Mediators, Arthur Lang, Juliana Scheid and Sarah Szekir-Papasavva in the donated studio of Marcia Braga. Under the watchful, expert eye of Dr. Cecilia Volkmer Ribeiro who named this genus of freshwater sponge in the 1960's and informally called it, "felt of the sea." By the end of the trip four freshwater sponges, rendered in wool, installed in the Usina do Gasometro for the 9th Mercosul Biennial, part of the installation "On Resisting the Separation of the Continents."
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