Tasmeem 2013. Felt Case Study #1.
Felt Case Study #1: The Material is the Metaphor is the Material

Hope Ginsburg, Carol Derby, Deidre Hoguet, Richard Lombard, Corby Elford

The workshop has taken the technique of felting as a starting point to create a dynamic process reflecting on principles of human and environmental sustainability, specifically as they pertain to Qatar. [...] The process of moving from raw material to product prototype identified the rich seams between academia and industry that this group can return to for further mining.

In five days sixteen people came together to produce two large pieces of handmade felt, the raw material for an exhibition culminating in product prototypes, a custom pocketed "quilt" and modular forms that were used to spell the word "love" in Arabic.

Ana Maria Nomico
Carol Derby
Claire Kanj Nakkash
Corby Elford
Deidre Hoguet
Dominika Bozic
Hope Ginsburg
Lauren Maas
Law Alsobrook
Mayme Donsker
Muneera Spence
Narita Pajni Mattock
Richard Lombard
Roman Chikerients
Sarah Lauck
Stephanie Araullo
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