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    I was thinking that I want the kitties (name withheld to protect the not-so innocent) to be has happy as possible while I'm away. I want to prevent as many behavioral "accidents" as possible. After hauling this $178.00 and 75 pound monstrosity inside the house and up a flight of stairs, all three cats went to investigate the old kitty condo that I had just moved out of the way to make room for the new one. They investigated the old one by circling and then climbing it and then sniffing and scratching it. Are you kidding me you guys?

    This picture is completely staged. I had to put treats on all the different levels to get them onto the new kitty skyscraper. They all ended up really liking it. Thank heavens.

    Mack is acting better and hopefully he hasn't urinated anywhere that I just haven't discovered yet. Last night I got 50cc of fluids into him by myself and have been able to get all his meds into him. Now none of them are very interested in the wet c/d but when I get up in the morning, the plates are mostly clean so I guess they are breaking down and eating it. It's not like they're going to starve because they are eating the dry c/d. I love these guys but do you know how expensive it is to have three cats on a prescription diet?!

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    1. cclontz 30 months ago | reply

      I think this is known as Three on the tree.

    2. qrp ham guy 30 months ago | reply

      What a nice looking condo. Staged or not, they look happy up there. I hope they are all well before your trip.

    3. JamieMcK2001 30 months ago | reply

      Fun to see all three on the new tower. The feeding sure sounds troublesome.

    4. loco's photos 30 months ago | reply

      They look like they are enjoying it! :)

    5. Neva Swensen 30 months ago | reply

      That tower looks like it will be a favorite playground in no time!!

    6. Bennilover 30 months ago | reply

      Your dad can't wait to spend long days lying on the bed and watching the events at the cat condo! hahahahaha He's getting pretty scared knowing he's competing for your time with this crew!

    7. MudMapImages 30 months ago | reply

      that looks the best cat tower ever.
      I love it....bet they all spend a lot of time sleeping in and on it :-)

    8. Bia & Minny [deleted] 30 months ago | reply


    9. CG13600 [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

      Great !!

    10. anna&parsley 30 months ago | reply

      A cat hotel!!! I hope that Mack is improving - and glad that the diet is beginning to be eaten. Not an easy task!

    11. Ida J.M. 30 months ago | reply

      What a great tower!

    12. Janinegh21 30 months ago | reply

      Wow lucky cats, I bet my little Vinnie would love that.

    13. jenny the cat 30 months ago | reply

      They will love it im sure, great shot!!

    14. I Flickr 4 JOY 30 months ago | reply

      Treats helped stage Rusty a lot of times. Tessa is a work in progress. Great fun to see what is going on at your house Kerri.

    15. Red~Star 30 months ago | reply

      Wow...what a GREAT shot of everyone checking out the new cat tree ......good idea to lure them with treats. ha. Wow...that's one tall/ huge condo. None of mine are quite that high but am sure my cats would love it. I've got a couple of cat trees that are beginning to look pretty shredded so need to be replaced. Sometimes they like the new ones and often they do not....so I have to be really careful which one I pick out.
      Glad Mack is doing better. You take really awesome care of your babies.

    16. sssgirlboyvvv [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

      nice shot~he looks at you ^^

    17. Cats 99 30 months ago | reply

      I know how expensive it is to have one cat on a prescription diet so I can just imagine! I love the condo, and in some cases I stoop to staging if necessary. I think $178 is not a bad price for that huge cat condo. I have been looking for a new one for my cats (not even that big because I have to think of vacuuming it every week) and the best I could find so far has been about $300 for one that is similar to my previous one. That seems high so I have been waiting and looking. When the price is not too bad they are not well made, so I keep searching....

    18. Agnes Siljekil 30 months ago | reply

      Gosh what a huge one! I hope thy like it! Food is another chapter in our life ;) lol. Only royal canine foe fussy cats...or oral problems. Signe hates wet food, I try iams everything else gives them stomach problems. You do prepare for your trip!

    19. Matilda&Charlie&Josie ~ MCJ 30 months ago | reply

      that c/d diet is for urinary problems....you know, I just discovered how to cure that. For am and pm, 35g chicken breast raw with some canned food but not fish, avoid fish, and add some water to the wet food and the raw chicken. I also crush a quarter of a urine acidifier 500mg, called DL Methionine that the pet shop orders in for me. It's an amino acid. A natural urine acidifier. Raphael stopped spraying in the house, and he started to wee properly outside, sit and wee and not just spray. Matilda's blood in her urine been there for a year, didn't respond to anti-biotics twice, has now cleared and her personality is amazing. Her vigour and playfulness has come back. The chicken is a natural urine acidifier. The vet said protien, and I was giving raw Kangaroo meat, but it didn't work. Raw chicken breast worked so much better. Their ph is wonderful. I don't put the urine acidifier in the chicken, but I do in the canned wet food. Using only canned wet food didn't cure them, they needed the quality protein from the chicken. But I do add a bit of water. And no biscuits for ages till their bladder is good again for a while. And then very minimal cat biscuits, any kind, just one teaspoon sometimes on their wet food.
      I did try c/d with Charlie and it didnt' work because he couldn't eat enough of it to make a difference. He hated the biscuits after a few days as well.
      The vet tried to sell me c/d with Raphael, but I wasn't interested because of the cost and it didn't work for Charlie years ago. And the anti-biotics didn't help Raphael either.
      I swear the raw chicken breast has cured Matilda. I thought she might have kidney damage because I couldn't remove the blood from her urine, nope, it was always urinary tract infection and she needed good quality protein (white meat is much better than red meat), and no biscuits, and no fishy food. Now she gets some fishy food occasionally, and occasionally a teaspoon of biscuits...Raphael has stopped spraying. And Charlie's hasn't returned, he's doing great too.
      I bought those urine strips combur-9 to test their urine, and I have saved hundreds of dollars in vet fees and unfortunately though, Matilda did suffer for a long time till recently I was determined to cure Raphael, I was so upset he wasn't responding to anti-biotics. And It recurs with Charlie and Matilda, so I had another cat with this damn urine infection that recurs. It all starts with stress of some kind, and then recurs once they've had it. I hope this helps. If you follow what I've suggested under no circumstances can you feed them c/d at the same time as it has it's own acidifiers and you will cause health problems. You can't use c/d if you follow what I've suggested.
      I'm so happy that my cats are not spraying in the house, and they are not suffering any more with this damn urine problem. I have all my 6 cats on this diet now. Except the ones who haven't shown urine problems get more cat biscuits at times, and fishy canned food a bit more often than the four I've targeted on this new diet.

    20. Cajaflez 30 months ago | reply

      That is a crowded cattree.

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