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Mack hurt himself

Mack came in limping this morning after only having been out a few minutes because of the rain. He had a pretty pronounced limp and even stumbled a couple of times. I rushed him in to work and wouldn't you know, we couldn't get him to limp or to elicit a response as the vet poked, prodded, bent, stretched, squeezed... his leg. He came home on pain meds and crawled under a bed to sleep. When he woke up and saw me, he crawled out from under the bed, held up his right leg and meowed at me. When I didn't go to him, he tried walking to me and fell, actually toppled over each time he tried to use his right front leg. Back to the vets we go. In front of the vet he once again put weight on his leg, of course, and again didn't respond much as she manipulated his leg. She did feel slight shivers when she touched his tricep but nothing more. I left him over night so he would be confined and close to a litter box (bloody urine as well). I'm sure Mack just has a soft tissue injury and will be fine after it has some time to heal but it is so hard to see a pet in pain.


On another note, it is remarkable to me the extent to which animals mask their pain. Imagine Mack hurting enough that he couldn't walk to me without falling over with each step, and then not even limping in front of the doctor. Some times pets are too stoic for their own good. All the vet really has to go on is me, the emotional wreck, telling her that my cat is hurting so badly he can't walk. And then he walks.

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Taken on August 25, 2012