Compost Awareness Week, 6th-12th May, Norfolk, UK

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    This is actually a fridge magnet photographed in non-macro mode.
    These are some of the things you can/can't compost.
    Compost Bins in Norfolk can be purchsed for a few pounds, and are large enough to produce a lot of compost.
    The one thing missing here from the list which is important is; your compost material needs water. Not too much otherwise it will become too wet and runny.
    Experimenting with your bin over time will result in you learning the right amounts of organic matter needed for successful compost.
    The aim of this small project is to highlight the earth's dwindling natural resources and the need to recycle these in a productive way.
    Composting is one easy and non-labour intensive way of achieving this. The question could be asked:
    "Why bother as this type of matter illustrated will eventually rot in landfill sites?"
    The answer is,Yes, it will, but as it is compressed with many other items in a landfill site, it will produce a toxic methane gas, one of the main gases responsible for global warming.
    Besides, to produce your own compost, for those tubs and hanging baskets, will cost nothing compared to the bags commercially produced for sale. This type of compost contains peat, which has to be extracted from peat bogs.Peat bog sites are dwindling in numbers, so by composting at home you will also be saving these precious bogs and therefore, helping the environment.
    You can find more information on composting at home by visiting the website
    Happy composting and thanks for helping the environment.

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      This has come out very well, for non-macro !
      beautifully sharp, nicely exposed, and good colour balance ~ I know, because I've got the fridge magnet.

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