Flickr Tool: BlackMagic - disabled as the new Flickr Changes no longer allow it to function! Sorry-Nosha

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    9 March 2010: Read on further below to see how to add any
    color background you would like to a blackmagic view... a new
    feature. .

    B l a c k M a g i c, a new Flickr tool is available.

    Blackmagic is very easy to use. Paste:

    better view

    into your photo description underneath any of the photos in your

    Adding it in a photo comment on your or other's photos is also just

    You can replace the " better view " with any text you would like shown
    for the link.

    Those of you that use more advanced uploading tools can add this to
    the text template of each of your photos.

    What you get:

    From any of your photo pages, an "On Black" style photo view -
    view your pictures in medium or large size on black, grey, or white

    From your Flickr home page, you get a Flickr Hive
    view of your photo stream. From there, clicking on any photo
    gets you the BlackMagic view.

    Strengths of BlackMagic

    BlackMagic uses something called "referer" information to figure out
    the picture you were looking at, so you don't have to craft a new
    link for each picture

    If you want to create custom links you can do so - there's a
    custom link as well as example link text available on every BlackMagic
    page (follow the "more" link).

    Blackmagic is often faster than other tools that do this type
    of display, as it makes only a single, simple call to the Flickr API
    to do its work.

    Weaknesses of BlackMagic

    If you click on a BlackMagic link on a person's home page, BlackMagic
    can't figure out which of the the photos you were
    looking at. However there's a solution: BlackMagic sends you to a
    custom view of all pictures on the user's home page (via Flickr Hive
    Mind ), and then clicking on any of those pictures gives you a
    BlackMagic view (as mentioned above).

    Super-paranoid web browser settings shut off "referer" information -
    BlackMagic can't figure out which picture you are looking at. You
    can still use custom links, which will work on all browsers (as
    opposed to 99% of them).

    BlackMagic links generally do not work from emails or RSS
    feeds. Again, if you are concerned about this working then
    creating a custom link works in all cases.


    New March 2010 feature you can now specify the background color
    you want for any or all of your photos. Follow the example link
    formats below:

    (this is web color #333333, a dark gray)

    (this is web color #ff0000, bright red!)

    a pasteable example:

    view on dark grey

    To see how these colors are specified, see:

    the 'Hex Triplet' colors (without the leading #)

    and the 'HTML color names'

    should all work...

    Michael Brush has sent me another invaluable link for colors. Thanks, Michael!

    23 May: A bug that led to your default small/big black/grey settings
    not being used has been fixed. Let me know if I've broken anything!

    23 May: the display has been made even more minimal! Click on "More"
    to see other options and links from Blackmagic pages.

    22 May: was switched to new DNS Servers for what I hope
    to be added stability during the day. It seemed the old DNS servers
    were flaking out sporadically and were not sufficiently redundant.

    6 May 2009: New server for added speed and (eventually) stability.
    Added html to paste into your flickr page at the bottom of every Black
    Magic page. (only necessary if you want a specific, customized

    16 March:

    nobleaaron67, origamidon, IceNineJon, and 264 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. AnNamir™ c[_] 49 months ago | reply

      Nice update! =)

      -- (?)

    2. r0han. 48 months ago | reply

      I am having a slight problem using Black magic. I copy paste the link as said, and I changed the text better view to on black, but instead of getting the photo with a black background I go straight to the photostream in black magic and sometimes the links just disappear Help please. Its rocks so see pics in black, Props for the program.

    3. harrypotter_kaffy 48 months ago | reply

      These are really gorgeous shots!!!
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    4. OlyaA (busy) 46 months ago | reply

      wonderful image!

      Please share this wonderful image with group Show Room
      This invitation counts as an award as well

    5. stephenboy7 46 months ago | reply

      Great Architecture!

    6. Inkaroads [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      ¡¡¡Que buen trabajo!!! enhorabuena

      Un Saludo

      Quedas invitada/o al grupo

      Pon tus fotos y premia alguna
      Quedas invitada/o al grupo

      Pon tus fotos y premia alguna

    7. gabriol 43 months ago | reply

      Congratulation Copenhagen – Brilliant new Opera!!
      Great shot

    8. NYCandre 43 months ago | reply

      Excellent! much simpler than BigHugeLab.. thanks!

    9. JayneLM, Flickr fickle 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the Black Magic thingermy. :)

    10. ajay's visual~panorama© 43 months ago | reply

      I would like to use Black Magic, I need to seek the permission or it is open to any flickr member. How to get it, plaese.

    11. Gabriele Cosentini 42 months ago | reply

      Quedas invitada/o-Are invited

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      Thank you for adding your photo to the group

    12. Félix Abánades asusente vacaciones 42 months ago | reply

      Quedas invitada/o al grupo

      Pon tus fotos y premia alguna

    13. Félix Abánades asusente vacaciones 42 months ago | reply

      Quedas invitada/o al grupo

      Pon tus fotos y premia alguna

    14. jason-developit 40 months ago | reply

      To all those who are worried about privacy, it takes around 3 seconds to download a "private" flickr photo. If you are in Safari or Chrome, right click on the picture and select "Inspect Element", then drag the link below the blue highlighted code into your address bar.

      Vertical centering is incredibly easy:

      html,body {
      height: 100%;
      min-height: 100%;
      img.pic {
      left: 50%;
      top: 50%;
      margin: -320px 0 0 -120px; /* 320=height/2, 120=width/2 */

      ... not sure why people think it's so complicated.

      You could also use JavaScript:

      var img = document.getElementById('myImageId'); = ((window.innerHeight || (document.documentElement || document.body).offsetHeight) - img.offsetHeight)/2 + 'px';

    15. bmse 40 months ago | reply

      Great job dude!

    16. Roses&Rails Photography [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

      It seems to work so far.

    17. CutiePie201 23 months ago | reply

      What is this picture i think i have been here i think that riding this boat it would be fun to ride.

    18. artland 20 months ago | reply

      This is a wonderful shot!
      You are invited to post it to:


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