(Harris shutter effect) Grizzly Classic hurdler

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    Ursinus College hosted the Grizzly Classic track & field competition on 4/21/2012. The black wall provided an ideal background for the Harris shutter effect, a multiple exposure method useful for dynamic scenes.

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    Technical Trivia
    Three sequential images were corrected for distortion and registered before abstracting red, green, and blue channels from different images. These were recombined to generate this image.

    Problem: The burst mode on my camera reduces resolution and makes the color less pleasing. This was offset by aggressive black level enhancement:
    - Generate a copy
    - Use 'curves' tool to set bottom 15% of colors to black (V in HSV color space)
    - Composite with original using soft light transformation at 50% opacity.
    Saturation was increased by 7% to accentuate the blue "ghost" before noise reduction.
    This version enhanced with tiltshiftmaker better isolates the central action.

    1. -kated- 34 months ago | reply

      brilliant example :) I just focused on Harris Shutter Effect for my photography coursework, it's great fun and has lovely results, nice one!

    2. Thiophene_Guy 34 months ago | reply

      Thank you Cheri and -kated-. I neglected to show the black level enhancement: (before is on the left, after is on the right)
      P4210864compare color correction

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