Nikon D610 and Lenses Test
Got my hands on a slightly used recent vintage Nikon D610. It had only 87 exposures, and was purchased by the original owner in April, 2020 as a kit with the battery/control grip, AF-S 50mm 1:1.8G lens, and WU-1b wireless connector. I got it without the lens as the seller decided to go with a higher model body, but kept the lens.

I have a raft of DX lenses that will work on it, and even more AF-D lenses which will work with the AF system as it has the screw drive.

I used the DX 16-85mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED VR and AF Nikkor 24-120mm 1:3.5-5.6D lenses as they are pretty well matched in Field of View coverage. Aperture Priority on both, as the D lens will only work in AP or MAN. I've yet to get the Focal Point indicator to work like it does on my D300s, but that just means more time needed to delve a bit deeper into the manual (I'm up to page 168 of 340). Been a little busy with other stuff lately.

I much prefer the way the D lens performed against the DX lens. SOOC shots seem a bit truer in color, and definitely more detail. I'm sure I'll find other things I like about the camera in general, but have to get used to the newer button arrangement first.

It's a good start into full frame territory for me, and will help me later on with deciding whether to keep with the DSLR's, or go mirrorless.

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