ICCD 2017
International Commie Camera Day (May 1st) came this year with me not being able to find out where I had stashed my Zorki-6, so I had to go with the Zorki-3 that has the wonky viewfinder. It is accurate, it's just that the vertical alignment is way off, which means a bit of guess work while focusing.

Anyway, I left the Jupiter-8 2/50 on it, and loaded some Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100. It was kind of hard to find subjects because of the rain bands that were passing through the area. I'd drive around looking for a spot were it wasn't raining, get out and take a photo or three, and it would start raining again.

But I persevered, getting subjects that fit the theme of the day. Always try to get scenics, old vehicles, and construction. Not many mighty industry subjects in the valley though. I gave the lens a workout by making sure to get some close focus images.

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