Voigtlander Bessa-R2S Test
This camera came with the SC Skopar 35/3.5, and I can shoot all my Nikon rangefinder lenses with it too, so I've decided to keep it in the bag with the Nikon S2, instead of creating a separate kit.

The camera handles well, and when one sets the ISO correctly, is really good on exposures with only the occasional tweak needed. It's so great to be shooting a metered rangefinder camera again that is fully manual.

The lens came with the clamp-on focus assist ring, and it came in good use while setting the aperture, though one could just practice holding the camera focus wheel instead.

This was my first time shooting Fuji Acros 100, and it is a most forgiving film, as I was two stops under on the ISO for the first half of the roll (400). Still plenty of shadow detail preserved.

I have to get a truly wide-angle lens for it though, as I keep finding myself not being able to get back far enough in certain situations. The thing will be what focal length to get; 28, 24, or 21mm. Of course, if I came across a bargain on a 20mm Nikkor, that would settle the question.

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