Leica CL Camera and Lens Test
I've always found myself in situations where I could not get a certain shot because I just plain ran out of room to back up and take in the whole scene. I not only wanted to go wide, I wanted Super Wide!

Well, after a bit of research, and the luck of an outfit being for sale at the same time I was looking, I became the owner of a Leica CL with the Sumicron-C 2/40, and Elmar-C 4/90. This was the base I wanted for a series of wide angle lenses by Voigtlander in the Leica M mount.

Light, easy to change lenses, and with a built-in spot meter for those iffy situations when I have trouble figuring exposures, Leica's little compact camera is just the ticket. And the super wide lenses are more available in the M mount than Nikon's S mount, so it's as good an excuse to get into the Leica M system as any.

The CL has frame lines for 40, 50, and 90mm lenses, so for the wide angles I got the Voigtlander 15-35mm Zoom Finder which is great for previewing different focal lengths, and it's one less thing to be fumbling with while changing lenses.

I took these test photos on Kodak BW400CN that I've had stashed away in the refrigerator. It obviously doesn't have much latitude for a C-41 film, so I'll be shooting the camera without using the meter for most situations since I'm also not sure the zinc air Wein cells are all that good when it's a hot day.

It's a great camera, and I'm really happy with the lenses. Haven't used the 90mm yet, but hope to find a subject for it soon.

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