Dodd's Store
On my Fourth of July travels, I got on a stretch of US-60 I had not been on before, over in Amherst County, VA. I stopped in a place called Dodd's Store to find nothing but the remains of a building foundation. But looking around, there were some buildings with photographic character.

The clouds did not want to cooperate, so I didn't get the nice, contrasty shots I wanted. But sometimes that's good. Shade tends to bring out the colors better, especially the subtle difference in all the greens.

I really wanted this camera to be a good one, since I put some work into removing the plastic creep from the coverings, and sealing them with Armor-All. That part worked splendidly. The metering still tends to go a stop off whenever it feels like it, but that is easily fixed in post. I shot these in Manual using the ESP system.

I only got 34 exposures on the roll of 36 because the mirror fell off. This also happened to an OM-F I have, so I think it could be endemic to the later "letter" models of the OM line. The first glue I used on the F didn't hold, so I'll have to do some more research. I thought about using silicon, but I'm suspecting it will out-gas like Super Glue, and fog the optics. Oh well, I've got other OM models to use, and a bag full of lenses.

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