Yashica DSB 50/1.9 Teardown And Oil Removal
I bought a camera because it came with a hard to find flash I'd been a long time looking for. Figured the camera was just a bonus. The camera is good in it's functions (Yashica FX-2) and cosmetics, but the lens on it was a different story.

When I took the lens off to check the mirror box, there was a ring of oil all over the mount. And the aperture was stuck open, so I know what happened. Previous owner had some sticky blades, so "A little oil will fix that" came into mind, and thus exacerbated the problem.

The lens has no fungus (the oil probably helped), and worked good otherwise, so I set about opening it up to clean away the environmental carnage. This is the second Yashica lens I've worked on, and the ML series seems to have some engineering improvements to them, simplifying the barrel design even more. What's even better, you don't need a set of spanners to work on these. And on the DSB 50/1.9, you don't need to worry about losing the little ball bearing detent used on the ML version.

I'll finish this series later as I clean the individual parts (using mostly Ronsonal Lighter Fluid), and reassemble the lens, but for now I wanted to get the teardown posted to help out a friend on a forum I frequent.

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