Ansco Super Memar Solagon Repair
I got this camera for the reason it had the Solagon lens on it, and I wanted something that wasn't as fragile as my Karat 36. It came to me advertized as in excellent shape (no, this was a private sale, not off any auction site), but upon arrival, the shutter was not operating correctly, hanging on the close.

So I set it aside for later, because I don't have a lot of experience with Syncro-Compur shutters, and knew this one would be a learning experence. While working on it, I finally got to the point of cleaning the lens elements, and that's when I discovered the front one was all scratched up.

I was hoping that the rest of the lens could make up for any fault of the front element, but that was not to be. So unless I come across another one of the same version for not much money, this one will just be a shelf queen.

This is not the most definitive narrative for working on a Syncro-Compur, but I hope it helps someone out there.

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