Yashica YF Repairs
The second of two models of camera that were produced after the aquisition of NICCA by Yashima Optical. They also merged their company names to create YASHICA. The YE was the other model made by Yashica, and was basically NICCA's clone of the Leica IIIf. This model melds the Leica III series and M series together in it's design, and was itself a modification of the NICCA IIIL.

It came with a Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM lens, including an Ednalite 617 Series VI filter holder. The leather ERC has a decent hippie strap on it, but there was no lens cap, or extra lenses.

The slow speeds act like Bulb, the lens and viewing windows are gunked up inside, the shutter has damage from a wandering finger, and the film take-up spool support is missing from the baseplate. And those are just the obvious problems. Let's see what else is messed up on this camera, shall we?

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