Olympus Stylus Test
Third in a series of P&S camera tests/reviews.

By far the smallest of the group, the Olympus Stylus hides a 1:3.5/f35mm autofocusing lens behind it's sliding front door. Also hiding behind the door is the meter port, and flash unit, which in keeping with the rest of the camera design, is quite small. Auto film loading, winding, and rewind are included, along with DX setting of the film speed. The flash unit has four user controlled settings of Auto, Auto-S, Off, and Fill-In with a full charge indicator light next to the viewfinder. A Self Timer funtion rounds out the list of features. All of this is powered with one 3V CR123 Lithium Battery.

By far the sporting the sharpest lens of the bunch, it is a great camera to stuff in a pocket and go. Quiet, smooth acting, light in weight, it won't get in the way or bog you down.

Like all the other cameras in this test, it has some miles on it. The click stop on the front door is no longer working, so it's easy to accidentally shut the camera off, or turn it on in your pocket. And it seems to have a bit of a light leak. The leak will be an easy fix, but I don't feel like tearing this one down to fix the door stop, seeing as it would most likely involve another camera for a parts donor.
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