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Four Lenses and an F | by P F McFarland
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Four Lenses and an F

I had to take the truck in for some work, so while I waited for the mechanics to do their thing, I took my meterless Nikon F Eye-Level with four lenses for a walk down to a restaurant for breakfast, and back again. It was about two miles round trip, so hopefully I worked all the calories off.


The lenses are all non-AI Nikkors of various vintages: -N 2/28; -S 2.8/35; 50/1.4; and -P 2.5/105 (note the way the 50mm is marked different than the others). I had repaired the 28mm from a very bad drop where it had caved in the rear shroud to where the len would not achieve infinity focus. As it turned out, there is some internal damage I didn't know about, and the lens is pretty much useless.


Film used was Kodak Tri-X 400 exposed at 200 ISO, and pull processed. I like the way it softens the grain, and it gives me some lee-way in case I've got the wrong film loaded for the day.


I used Sunny-16 as a guide for exposures, and except for the Tinker Creek shots, I did pretty well. I spotted one photo, and adjusted exposures in two others.

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Taken on September 7, 2016