Atari Jaguar Pro Rotary Controller project.
Anybody that has played or owned Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar probably knows that there is a hidden fuction in there.
This function adds support for an analog Rotary controller, where the user would rotate an analog spinner to control the craft in the game instead of using the digital d-pad.

No official or 3rd party rotary controller was ever made for the Jaguar so the only ones that you ever see are home made.

All of the home made ones that I have seen have been done in the same way - either a purpose built controller is made, or an existing, standard Jaguar pad has its d-pad removed and a rotary encoder put in place.

I didn't like the idea of having a controller that could only be used in one game so I set about making (in terms of funtionality) the ultimate Jaguar controller which would consist of a 6-button Pro Controller with its d-pad and everything else intact and functional, but with the added functionality of a rotary encoder for use on Tempest 2000.
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