Elementary School Memory Test- Going back in time

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    This is Putnam Elementary School located in the small community of Devola, outside Marietta Ohio. I lived about a block from here on Walnut Drive when I was very young. At the time, this school supported grades 1-8, until the new high school opened in 1967. I began here in the first grade during the 1959-1960 school year. How much do you remember from the first grade?

    Top row L-R: Main entrance, my 5th grade classroom, the original bell from the first Putnam school 1859-1957.
    2nd row L-R: The rear entrance and exit to the playground area (on the right was my 4th grade classroom, the same bicycle rack that was there in 1959, looking through the east entrance where the 7th and 8th grade classes were held (they had lockers).
    3rd row L-R: Looking through the west entrance where my 1st grade classroom was (second door on right), the softball backstop where I played ball with the 'older' kids, looking west with the gymnasium on the right.
    4th row L-R:The original sliding board, the swings with the original framework, looking through my 4th grade classroom window.

    Grade 1- Miss Cole
    Grade 2- Mrs. Tullis
    Grade 3- Mrs. Stewart
    Grade 4- Mrs. Slate
    Grade 5- Mrs. Wymann
    Grade 6- Mrs. Hunley

    1. Wayne's Gal 81 months ago | reply

      I remember I had a nasty azz teacher & I didn't go to kindergarten so it was quite a shock to a country kid! LOL
      1-Miss Risinger
      2-Mrs. Bonar
      3.Mrs. Buzzard
      4.Mrs. Woods
      5.Mrs. Robinson
      6.Mrs. Bungard
      See! I remembered! LOL!

    2. Thank you for the Million and a half views! 81 months ago | reply

      Congrats! At least we can believe our minds are okay for now. I didnt go to kindergarten either. I'd like to challenge other Flicker fans with this memory test!

    3. solarpurplestarlight 81 months ago | reply

      Oooo, Oooo, Oooo....Can I play?!?! LOL
      K. Miss McCay
      1. Mrs. Mollahan (old and evil ex-6th grade teacher)
      2. Mrs Davies
      3. Mrs. Dillon
      4. Mrs. Frank
      5. Mrs. Gearhart
      6. Mr. Buck (my all-time fave teacher) (he looked like Burl Ives)

      Just because we are getting older, our memories can sometimes be fresh and new-like.

      Thanks for sharing your memories. I love the bell and the old playground equipment. For safety reasons, my old grade school tore out the old playground equipment and replaced them with boring plastic stuff. At least we can have our memories. =)

    4. Thank you for the Million and a half views! 81 months ago | reply

      Good job Judy! It is fun to remember! I expect my best memory of the first grade was waking up to look forward to the first day. I still remember that; I shared a room with my older brother and woke up with the alarm clock. I remember how excited I was to go. I also remember a pretty little blonde named Judy Cole who I was fascinated with. We went on through high school, although there was never anything that went on between the two of us and we were just friends. Looking back, isnt that a little early to be noticing girls? I just remember how I thought she was so pretty then and how I was teased about it. I also remember buying milk in glass bottles and breaking one 4 times in a single week. I dont know how, although I think the desk tops were slanted and I just wasnt paying attention.

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