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Bad Trip 26/365 | by Louish Pixel
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Bad Trip 26/365

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Day 26 of Project 365


A Bad Trip over Toys in the kitchen... this is why we don't have toys anywhere but the play room. It was funny, when I told Stryder "Hey, lets make a photo, go get some toys and bring them into the kitchen". He responded with "You mean... I bring toys out of the play room?"


The first attempt at this photo was almost 90% perfect... but I'm a perfectionist, so I took like 40 more shots... then merged every piece of the shot I liked the best into one final photo. Stryder and Shanda was from one shot, the magazines on the left (covering Shanda) was from another shot. The magazine next to me was from another shot. I am from another shot. The truck tipping over was another shot. The light coming out of the hall way was from another shot. And the white toy in the middle of the floor was another shot. I merged them all in Photoshop, and cleaned up all other parts of the photo.. like any paint chips on the wall, specs on the floor etc.


Strobist Info:

Canon 580ex II to left of camera facing me with Shoot Through White Umbrella.


Canon 430ex II to far right of camera facing me with Shoot Through White Umbrella.


Canon 430ex II on camera left, farther back, probably inline with me, facing Shanda in the kitchen, no light modifier (thats why that light created harsher shadows, like you can see the bar stool shadow reflection clearly on the wall by the white door. This was caused from the bare 430ex II facing shanda to light the back of the room.


300w Strobe in hall way on right to add more light coming from the hall. Even on the lowest power, it was way too much light so I have about 6 scrims covering the bulb to dim down the light, and it was still too bright so I did a gradient blend in photoshop to merge a shot with no light and the other shot with the light on.


All Canon lights were triggered with RadioPopper JrX, light in hall way was triggered optically.


Taken with a 5D Mark II and a 16-35mm f/2.8L lens at 32mm.

1/160 sec at f/5.6, 400 ISO


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Taken on January 26, 2011