Gilbert Trail Tour, 10.24.14
A tour sponsored by the Cass Gilbert Society on 10.24.14, the Gilbert Trail consisted of a tour of three of architect Cass Gilbert’s buildings in one day: the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House (1907), the Woolworth Building (1913), and the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse (1936), all located within walking distance of each other in lower Manhattan.

The US Customs House part of the tour included admissions inside the Collector's Room which is usually off-limits to the public. The room is heavily accented with a marine theme.

The Woolworth part of the tour was limited to the lobby but it was worth it to see the beauty of the building, the ceiling and all the ornate designs that made it The Skyscraper during its heydays.

Unfortunately, all electronic devices had to be checked in at the US Courthouse and no photography was allowed inside. Such a shame because the inside is beautiful, from the ceiling at the lobby, to the court rooms, not to mention the killer views from the windows.

The other photos are from buildings/ scenes we passed by on our way to each of the Gilbert buildings.
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