• donut holes on a friday make things better
  • Olafur Eliasson book fromm his SFMoMA show for constant inspiration
  • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog talking keychain for emergencies
  • words of wisdom from Stefan Sagmeister printed on a photo of clouds
  • final proofs to check out. they look awesome, btw.
  • Twitterrific
  • yes we can has
  • business card from Counter.
  • Olaris WMC promo cards. still have a lot left, ask me for some
  • flyer from Get Frisky! Miami, the friskyRecords launch party
  • Right Behind You by Gail Giles, the hardcover design
  • Michael Scott bobblehead from someone at work
  • Giant squishy muppet ball from my boss
  • species: ferret. provenance: ikea.
  • the Cranium books I designed that are for sale at MoMA ;)
  • my daily reminder of why I don't eat fast food
  • one of several Banksy prints hanging around my pen
  • I keep hoodies at the office since the temp can fluctuate down to 60 degrees
  • Account Execs sleep their way to the top. Creatives do drugs.
  • skinnyCorp!
  • fun Adult Swim art included in the DVDs
  • more Threadless propaganda
  • my company publishes kids books and the Penthouse letters collection, so it's my obligation to collect both
  • coming to a Target near you
  • I can design princess stuff, too. Suck it.
  • signed Imogen Heap album
  • My first record on Fade
  • cardboard cutout George W
  • ACME Novelty Library
  • my plates are bright orange so no one steals them
  • more Banksy
  • Royal Sapien on John Digweed's Transitions
  • Make Some Noise for Amnesty International
  • Love me some ISO50
  • the iPhone
  • colored pencils, crayons, pastels, chalk, pens, ink, clay, conte crayons, acrylic, oil paint, etc.
  • the first coffee of the day
  • pirate water
  • beautiful Kidrobot mousepad from Saho that is too cool to use
  • The Flashbulb polaroid sticker
  • the hot chocolate bear
  • Uglydolls Toyfair booth flyer
  • xkcd's map of online communities
  • Uglydog
  • Please don't make the logo bigger!
  • light robot
  • the Audio Tour 2 cover
  • Wacom tablet skinned with Air America logo
  • Russell the Sheep
  • IMAGINE PEACE advertisement by Yoko Ono
  • snapshots of my favorite people in the world
  • i wonder if expensive lava lamps are any better than cheap ones
  • may have unintentionally found the Dunkin Donuts pantone colors
  • a novelty barrier so people don't stare at me from the printer
  • Funk Harmony Park on FDS
  • haven't had to update my official portfolio in a while
  • Can't say... ;)
  • insanely expensive custom dummies
  • everpresent double-sided tape and my ancient HBO coffee mug
  • Extra Tasty!
  • album art from Gang of Four
  • learn to love The Bomb
  • screw Outlook Calendar
  • pens, pencils, knives, a glowing ghost head
  • sappy little kids books for reference
  • a crazy good review from Publishers Weekly
  • business cards for my other jobs since I don't even have business cards for this one
  • I almost use the cutting mat more than the computer
  • every note from every meeting is on a post-it. it forces brevity, clarity, and flexibility.
  • creepy little doll from BikiniKat
  • when is DiK's Semi-Permanent coming back to NYC?
  • catalog from the New York Book Show this year
  • formerly overpowered, now drastically underpowered G5
  • t-shirt iron-on from Getty Images that I like too much to use
  • note to self: stressing out is for the weak
  • earphones that remain in my ears whether i have music playing or not
  • I guess I COULD use outlook reminders
  • HRC sticker
  • one of the dozens of Fade releases I've designed
  • Hard Rock Copenhagen pin from Dad, anti-religion pin from Mom, Air America pin from Marc Maron
  • stacks and stacks of manuscripts and test pages
  • still love The Go! Team
  • extra napkins, salt, pepper, ketchup, utensils, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc etc
  • cd envelopes and With Compliments cards...
  • Diesel for Successful Living
  • ultra convenient noisy ass laser printer
  • i now have a masters in VoIP
  • if I were to organize my office supplies, they would be in here
  • touch sensitive tiki lamp. the only kind of tiki lamp worth having.
  • made custom gels for my fluorescent light so it's yellow
  • Donuts by your desk, eh? Seems familiar... haha! - [insert name here]
  • while the temp can hit 60 degrees, it can also get mighty hot. something needs to be done about that.
  • locker space that is neither convenient nor useful. drawers would be awesome.
  • my favorite lamp that sits atop a cd spindle
  • CDRs and Olaris stickers, just in case
  • USB neck massager from woot! that gets dangerously hot within a minute
  • one of my many online contact lists
  • people used to take my ruler. they learned.
  • recyclable paper only. got trash? take it to the 7th door down the hallway and put it in the 2nd blue bin on the right.
  • mesh chair. it is NIIICE.

My cubicle, updated

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This is where I spend a good portion of my week, so it has to be reasonably comfortable.

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  1. Adventures of Tintin 85 months ago | reply

    where's the TPS Report?

  2. mariadraws2 85 months ago | reply

    I love your cube. It looks chaotic at first glance, but everything really is in its place.

  3. Paul Garland 84 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nikon Coolpix L18 / L16, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. Castanet 77 months ago | reply

    you take notation to an art form

  5. Royal Sapien 76 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone. Can't believe how many views this has gotten.

  6. HallyN 69 months ago | reply

    WOW! this is amazing! I wish i was allowed to do this at work...my boss has OCD so cleans Obsessively! This is so cool :) I bet you notice something new everytime.

  7. captcreate 66 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called What's on your shelves?, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  8. kittyconde 64 months ago | reply

    wow...so customized! I'm jelous, i could never keep my space like this...to many sticky fingers around here *wink...wink*
    I Love it

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