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    love the clarity, the colors. your eyes! - kristin~mainemomma


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BAM 19/52

Alternate title: Cliche FAIL

I've been wanting to get a photo of someone blowing snow, which is, of course, a total Flickr cliche. I gave it a shot this morning (actually more like 50 shots), but the snow wasn't blowing. Too wet. Perfect for snowballs and snowmen, but not good for Cliche Saturday. I'll give it another shot another day, when the snow's more powdery.

Can I still enter it into Cliche Saturday if it's a FAIL? Cliche Saturday powers-that-be, please feel free to boot me.

I still liked this enough to make it this week's BAM (self-portrait) shot. So BAM 19/52. Two BAMs in in 2011, and it's only the 8th day!!!

And today's Picture Winter prompt was "texture seekers." She wanted us to look for textures in our homes, but I'm going to be a rebel and let my hat and scarf and snow (and freckles and pores) be my texture.

Picture Winter Day 8: Texture Seekers

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  1. Shelly~♥~ 40 months ago | reply

    beautiful... love the colors!

  2. oneworldmj 40 months ago | reply

    This is FABULOUS!!! Love the colors in your hat and scarf!

  3. Kirstin Mckee 40 months ago | reply

    I've been looking forward to more snow so that I could try the snow blowing thing. So I really, really relate to this shot...

  4. mun kuvia 40 months ago | reply

    Excellent light and colour tones for a snow picture!
    I've never heard of blowing snow though. I guess we don't do that up here. Snow is such a bore when you live with it for many months. My muscles are aching as I worked hard with the snow pusher yesterday...

  5. SuperDewa 40 months ago | reply

    Thank you all! This was fun, besides it not working out the way I wanted it to.
    it's not something we do here either. It's a style of photo I've seen a few times on flickr. Here are some examples:
    Now that you've seen it, don't you want to try it? You have to make the best of the snow.
    I spent all morning before this shoveling snow, so I understand the soreness -- just not the tedium.

  6. journeyswithasimplegirl 40 months ago | reply

    I love your pink cold-kissed cheeks!

  7. kristin~mainemomma 40 months ago | reply

    instant fave.
    yay for snowman snow. we usually get the icy stuff that just blows around, when we get the wet stuff it is a cause for celebration...

  8. pix•Olga 40 months ago | reply

    Such a beautiful shot! I love it!

  9. Luke Lavin 40 months ago | reply

    stunning across the board.

  10. damiec 40 months ago | reply

    Your sister's gift is perfect. you wear the hat and scarf beautifully. I think that what I like most about this, is that your sense of fun and shines through - fail or no.

  11. vi.llette 40 months ago | reply

    love this… it's absolutely perfect. i love the colours & the comp. A beautiful fun BAM :)

  12. a_brewley 40 months ago | reply

    This is gorgeous Dierdre. You should do more self portraits!

  13. red * 40 months ago | reply

    I love your truth about how many takes, I can really appreciate that. You look BEAUTIFUL and I really love your freckles.

  14. H a n n a h_ 40 months ago | reply

    This is great, I love the colours of you hat and scarf.

  15. the clubhouse kid 40 months ago | reply

    all that snow getting your clothes wet makes me shiver! heh

  16. Ms. Mary Mack 40 months ago | reply

    Here's a guarantee: Whenever I come to your stream, I will be impressed and inspired. Even shooting a "cliche," you've wowed me. The detail here is great.
    What are you doing tonight? Share it with us in the new Flickr group 30 Days of Good Nights.

  17. ·•●❤ Ginny Le ❤●•· 39 months ago | reply

    Lovely! Wish it snowed here ;)

  18. MamaOwlPhoto 39 months ago | reply

    How on earth did I miss this? You are the picture of winter happiness here! Love!!

  19. *pictress 39 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot!!

  20. ewa m bakrac (kuki) [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    I adore this selfie.

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