Meuse Argonne
Travels through the Left Bank of the Meuse through the Argonne Forest, region of the biggest U.S. battle of WWI. An incredible feat of arms and logistics, this huge offensive followed only days after the major operation of St Mihiel, and required herculean efforts to move the required men and materiel in time to launch. After dislodging the Germans from the Hindenberg and Kreim Hilde defensive lines the AEF pushed them all the way to Sedan. This set includes battlefields, memorials, cemeteries and ruins of the area from the Meuse River west to the edge of Champagne. The ABMC at Roumagne sous Mountfaucon, Montfaucon, the excellent private museum in Roumagne, the PA memorial in Varennes, the Haute Chevauchee, Butte de Vauquois, Lost Battalion site and Sgt York trail.
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