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VX-Ω "Ecclesiarch" - With Glaive | by LowestForm0fWit
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VX-Ω "Ecclesiarch" - With Glaive

Little is known about the secretive Ijad traitor faction known as "The Dissident", with most frame records hard to separate into fact or fable. Among the rare sighting of these rames, the VX-Ω "Ecclesiarch" is exceptionally scarce from record.


What is known is that the Ecclesiarch is a frame only piloted by those of great religious significance or at least those of great skill; of the few pilots who encountered enemy Ecclesiarchs, none survived, the only trace of the encounter left in the transmitted data feed.


The VX-Ω is found in two main configurations:


-The standard one, shown on this data feed and this data feed, is armed with twin Void Lasers and outfitted with a "Twilight Halo" pattern communications/scanner array, along with heavy armor plating dampener shield generators.


-The nonstandard variant, shown here, gives up a Void Laser cannon for a Glaive-like weapon, which has been seen used as both a melee weapon (to great effect) and also reported to somehow amplify the "Twilight Halo" array. This variant is far ess common, and is suspected to be extremely high up the command chain for The Dissident, possibly at the very top.


Additional Shots:


Front (I really recommend looking at this shot for the best look at the "Twilight Halo" array)


Glaive Top


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Taken on May 28, 2012