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    Questo è parte dello strano tetto che sovrasta il cortile...così moderno rispetto all'antica mi piace l'idea, sottolinea molto la visuale cielo.

    Due foto per oggi, ve lo devo non son stata molto presente ultimamente, spero di rimediare a maggio..fortunatamente questa settimana lavorativa conta solo 3 giorni!! :))

    -----------------* * * * * ------------------

    That is part of the strange roof that embrace the courtyard, so modern inspite of the antique residence...but love the idea, underline the open-sky.

    2 photos for today, 'cause in this days I wasn't so presence, forgive me, fortunately this work-week has only 3 days!! :)))..hope may'll be better. ****the dreamer****, and 11 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. october blue 73 months ago | reply

      What a graceful curve and pretty blue sky...and l like the contrast of modern and antique .....well seen !

    2. Nick Boren Photography 73 months ago | reply

      Great shot. I like!! :)))

    3. Super G 73 months ago | reply

      fantastically amazing photo! wonderfully seen. i like the modern roof crashing down into the palazzo. not something i would ever expect if i ventured inside. wow!

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      i really like this! ;-)
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    4. ema.ay 73 months ago | reply

      Prospettiva stupenda, brava! Un effetto ottico bellissimo!

    5. Daniel Galleguillos 73 months ago | reply

      Wow Amazing , que hermosa vista
      muy bella foto

      Saludos, Have a nice week

    6. onesmartartist 73 months ago | reply

      A really great photo. :)

    7. isolaivan 73 months ago | reply

      sembra la wing dell'archaeopteryx.... ottimo contrasto!

    8. claclaclaudietta 73 months ago | reply

      Seen in GOLD STAR AWARD
      You get another gold star

    9. mari-2007 73 months ago | reply


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    10. am_kaiser[Serene Easter all] 73 months ago | reply

      bello scatto
      This is Perfect!

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    11. shinebeam 73 months ago | reply

      Fantastico!!!!! Infatti... congrats!!!!!

    12. MettaMomma 73 months ago | reply


      I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    13. Desideria 73 months ago | reply


      I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    14. Lisa{santacrewsgirl} 72 months ago | reply

      i have never seen something like this i wonder if they put it up to shield the light coming in to the protect the art and paint inside. it makes a striking image anyway!

    15. Tree Hugger Forever 72 months ago | reply


      Grazie della visita.

    16. Starlightworld 72 months ago | reply

      thanks Henry for fave and invite, have a nice week too! :)

      thanks Angy for comment and fave happy you like it, is so particoular, isn't it? buen puente also to you :)!!..

      grazie bradipoz contenta ti sia piaciuta!! :)

      grazie Marco :)! thanks shaami :)

      I like it too october_blue, I think is a great idea great mix :)! thanks as always for comment and fave :))))!!

      thanks Nick for comment and fave :)))!!!

      thanks Super G for entusiastic comment (fave and invite,star :)!) , happy you like it !! I was surprised too, eyes goes automatically a great mix and idea :)!!..

      grazie Emanuele per questo commento :))!

      muchas gracias Daniel . buen puente! :)

      thanks onesmartartist for this comment and fave :)!

      grazie Ivan ..spetta che vado a vedere sto strano nome che hai scritto..:))!..

      ciao claclaudietta :)

      thank Mary-2007 for comment and invite, benvenuta! :)

      grazie am-kaiser per il commento e l'invito :)!

      merci beaucoup kate053 !! benvenuta!

      thanks for let me know Super G :))))!!

      oh, io non ne ero così sicura..:)..grazie Alex! :)

      thanks MettaMomma happy you like it ! benvenuta!

      thanks Desideria for comment and fave!!!! benvenuta!
      Santa according to the guide, this was probably the same "roof" that probably cover also the Colosseum at thime.. that probably was used to "protect" person inside... Infact if you see the other photos the Palace is structured taking Colosseum at model... ...great question. :)

      grazie Tree Hugger :)

    17. Fil.ippo 44 months ago | reply

      Ottimo scatto, bel taglio molto originale!

      Seen on (?)

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