• Cavolo ma...nessuno gli detto che non c'è il trampolino e che l' acqua è fredda? :-)) - mirko.
  • ne ho fatta una anch'io così ...forse più al limite ancora.. :)!!

Free!!!!!!! (Pulpit Rock - Norway)

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Gilia80 I didn't forget my promise. So this is the Pulpit Rock at 600m high. You MUST go!! A great climb, but signed very very well. you can stop and restart in the most difficult points. I go with tennis shoes :P crazy I know; if you have trekking shoes it's better..
The view up there repay you. mozzafiato!!!

(dear Flickfriend a little stop with my french photos..)

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  1. Angelika S. 77 months ago | reply

    ¡Qué vértigo!!!!!
    This is fantastic, Marianna.

    I felt so sorry for you yesterday -- poor Lazio :(

  2. mirko. [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    Cavolo....che spettacolo!!!

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  3. apprendistasimo 77 months ago | reply

    chi si è buttato?

  4. gilia80 - busy, but back one day hopefully! 77 months ago | reply

    You are soo right, I must go there! Thank you for taking me there through your wonderful photo!! I will go to Preikestolen, I promise. But it will have to wait untill next summer when the trees are green and the weather can (you never know up here) be nice and warm.

  5. *Rosario Celotto* [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

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  6. Summer n Rose [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    Sheeesshhh... this makes me want to fly too! Great job on the sweeping landscape, Marianna (got the name right this time) and beautiful scenery indeed...bravisimma!

  7. IrishPics 77 months ago | reply

    To get:
    You've Definitely Got an Eye for Composition

  8. Super G 77 months ago | reply

    this is nice. great composition. i'm getting dizzy just looking at the photo. and people are so close to the edge. it also looks like someone has passed out on the ground from all of the climbing. bellissima!!!

    do you have any photos looking down over the edge?

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  9. Nick Boren Photography 77 months ago | reply

    Bravo Starlightworld, this is a wonderful, wonderful photograph. I just love it. I really like how you captured the young lady with her arms up in the air. This really makes this image something special. Love it, Love it, Love it..... Nick :)

  10. ~Shari 77 months ago | reply

    fantastic capture!!!

    You deserve "Another Diamond" on your Great Photo!
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  11. daftwilly 77 months ago | reply

    one of the better shots of Preikestolen I've seen ... you are living in Norway?

  12. Jalca 76 months ago | reply

    This looks like a wonderful place to practice base jumping (sport involving the use of parachute from a cliff or building. Excellent shot!! By the way my last shot was taken from a hot air balloon. Thank you for you comments, faves.


  13. Starlightworld 76 months ago | reply

    thanks Angelika for comment and suggest me the title of the next shot.

    Grazie Mirko per il commento e l'invito

    nessuno apprendistasimo :)..io però mi son affacciata (pancia a terra ovviamente.. :)!)

    Pleased you like it Gilia. Hope you'll do it. Was also summer when I go there :)!

    grazie Rosacelo per il fave e l'invito :D!

    thanks richardandcindy for fave and comment :D!!

    thanks Rose yes this place make you fly!!!!! thanks for comment

    thanks for great comment Irish !! and invite. I remember well also the Cliff of Moher more relaxing..no climb a great walk!! :)

    see next Super G. Yes all people are close to the edge. All do it.
    I looked also down, lie on belly with head in the void. I make a video not a photo in this case. I think was better to describe how high we were. and also because was my first year with my new camera and I had not a large memory card. I had to limit me. Thanks for comment and invite.

    Thanks Nick for entusiastic comment !!! :D !!! and fave :D!!..
    Yes she express also my feeling.. :)!

    thanks Shari pleased you like it :)!!

    No daftwilly I went to Norway for summer holidays 2 years ago.(I'm from Rome). Thanks for great comment and fave.. too kind! ...benvenuto!

    I agree with you Jalca, I think it would be fine! (next photo show you the high..).. thanks to you for comment ..and now I'm curious you live in a hot air balloon???!!! :)..

  14. Mark Burr 41 months ago | reply

    very high spot for a view of the surrounding area !

  15. ♦♠ Jolly Joker ♣♥ 32 months ago | reply

    Non ci credo!!.... Sei arrivata sul Preikestolen???
    Che invidiaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Quando sono andato io pioveva fortissimo e non si poteva salire... :((

    Prima o poi ci vado...... :P

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