• Nifty roofing solution! - -soccerkid6
  • Excellent choice! - NS Brick Designs
  • I love the accents of brown in the roof. Very unique. - NS Brick Designs
  • I slightly wish you had left/added more white background to the bottom: not much, but just enough to center the MOC a little more. - W. Navarre
  • I realy like those windows. What a great idea to use legs like that! - Raoulosos
  • just enough old grey - shalekaras

Farwin Castle

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My second and final build for the #YeOldMerryBattleground collaboration presented by InnovaLUG.

More pictures and info here. innovalug.com/post/68/ye-old-merry-battleground-collabora...

Hope you guys like it!

Also please check out my LEGO Ideas project...

~Bro Steven

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  1. Miro78 26 months ago | reply

    Marvelous castle and the rock work it sits on top of grounds it seamlessly.

  2. - Atte - 26 months ago | reply

    Wow, excellent build, one of the best lego castles!

  3. Brickie Smalls 26 months ago | reply

    amazing, especially the tower!

  4. Aleksandar Bricks 26 months ago | reply

    No words for this moc... amazing wont even cover it... Still, we need more pictures !!

  5. drakkvonlego 26 months ago | reply

    So glad I got to see this in person, great job!

  6. Eggy Pop 26 months ago | reply

    ~~ Nice castle !!!

  7. Icabobster 26 months ago | reply

    "Hope you guys like it" he says. Dude, this is stunning! The landscape, the parapets, the arrow slits, everything shines in breathtaking unison

  8. vitreolum 26 months ago | reply

    Fantastic, it's been a while since I've last seen a gigantic build, that wasn't impressive simply by it's size. Perfect blend of detail and cleanliness.

  9. -Mike S- 26 months ago | reply

    Totally awesome!

  10. -LittleJohn 26 months ago | reply

    Absolutely gorgeous build, Steven. The landscaping is outstanding, and the castle itself is just phenomenal!

  11. captainbraunsfeld 26 months ago | reply

    A wonderful masterpiece.

  12. Brick-o-verse 26 months ago | reply

    charming creation

  13. Jamesbrick 26 months ago | reply

    This is so awesome! :D

  14. legopirate808 26 months ago | reply

    Wow dude so epic.

  15. flambo14 25 months ago | reply

    I lost the word to express my feeling!)
    Great work!

  16. Luke Skytrekker 25 months ago | reply

    Wow. This looks incredible. Totally blows me away.

  17. Daniel Z "DNL" 20 months ago | reply

    Really nice architecture!

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