What is the best use of Windows Vista?

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    Miss World contestants Angela Drousiotou (L), of Cyprus, and Katerina Georgiadou (R), of Greece, check their appearance reflected in a CD while no one looks their direction during a press conference in London 25 November 2002. The contest has been moved from Lagos, Nigeria to London after violence in the region disrupted the event. AFP PHOTO Adrian DENNIS

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    1. Jolie W. 108 months ago | reply

      stupid girls

    2. Jon, 106 months ago | reply

      You are invited to post this to
      "So You Think You Are A Comedian"

    3. liminalists 104 months ago | reply

      Not your title? So change the title, arso.

    4. grraniml 104 months ago | reply

      I thought the title was hilarious, it just wasn't my idea...

    5. Karlarious 101 months ago | reply

      please change the tittle, its offensive for all other womens who doesnt use cds as mirror.

    6. Poe ♪ 94 months ago | reply

      ha ha ha, oops, my girl friend just smacked me. (she is smarter then I am) humor is good.

    7. miss_rogue 93 months ago | reply

      How about, "Why these two shouldn't use computers?" It's still funny, but it doesn't generalize women. As a woman who actually makes her living 'using computers', this title is counterproductive to me needing to change the stereotypes around this biz.

    8. Melissa Gira Grant 93 months ago | reply

      Jesus, I've used computers since I was six. That doesn't mean I haven't fixed my lipstick in the back of my old iPod, too. Shows how much time you spend around real girls, huh.

    9. anjaleef 93 months ago | reply

      Wow! I've never thought to use CDs as a mirror! Thanks flickr/twitter for the new lesson!

    10. Liz Henry 93 months ago | reply

      Wow you're really a dumbass

    11. Liz Henry 93 months ago | reply

      As are the 22 people who favorited this... wtf??

    12. jzalae 93 months ago | reply

      I must be stupid, too, because I can't see how they're being stupid. I mean I really don't get it.

    13. lukism 93 months ago | reply

      look how resourceful those girls are! Do you think they should have used a computer to see how they look? How stupid would that be?
      Come to think of it- who the heck even uses CD's anymore? Good on them for finding an inventive use for those slivers of plastic.

    14. Terry Heath 93 months ago | reply

      What makes you assume they're looking at their reflections? Isn't it possible they've got super-human abilities and are reading the contents of the CDs?

    15. bonniegrrl 92 months ago | reply

      Funny photo, crap title.

    16. grraniml 92 months ago | reply

      OK! It's not my title... and I never changed it. Make suggestions for a new title (funny ones) and I'll change the title.

    17. miss_rogue 92 months ago | reply

      How about:

      "True innovation in the computing industry."


      "What is the best use of Windows Vista?"

    18. grraniml 92 months ago | reply

      I liked that one... so I changed the title... unless someone has something better. Thanks for the suggestion.

    19. eric@thelake [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      "Look into my eyes. . ."

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