Wahlrecht für Alle - Elections in Berlin, September2016
More than 18 percent of the Berliners were excluded from the elections to Berlin's City Parliament in September 2016. The fact that the voting right is connected to the national citizenship prevents them from expressing their democratic right. The Berliner alliance “Voting rights for all-Wahlrecht für Alle" put the public's attention to this injustice and took part in the Berlin Open Air youth forum, 1st July. We discussed this issue with representatives of the Berliner political parties and welcome the public at our action stand at Mariannenplatz. Shortly before the election, we organised a press conference. Arte Journal, taz, Deutschlandfunk and other media reported on the topic. We also did a flash mob action to talk with Michael Müller, the Mayor of Berlin who agreed with the introduction of a voting right for foereigners at the local and regional levels.
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