garden wall in japanese garden, portland

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    This is my favorite photo from the Botanical Gardens (Japanese section) in Portland, OR. If only I'd had my Canon 30D at this time! Still, even with less than perfect bokeh and DoF control, I'm super-happy with this photo.

    1. Bubba Trout ages ago | reply

      I can't really tell what I see here besides tree branches idea what the structure is. Very green though!

      Score 6/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    2. mike thomas ages ago | reply

      You know, it must just be very evocative for me because I spent so much time walking through that beautiful place and taking it in. I can see why you say what you say. This is still, for me (and perhaps only for me) the most perfect picture from my visit to that garden.

      In other words, I guess you had to be there :-)

      Thanks for the rating.

    3. Pat's Travelogue ages ago | reply

      Have to agree with Bubba.
      Score 6/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    4. JBAT ages ago | reply

      Nice shot, lots of green, but I don't know what the subject matter is, or what point you are trying to get across to the viewer. sorry.

      Score 5/10 (from the Score Me! group)

      I'm new to Flickr, and if I could get some comments on my shots I would appreciate it. (Been really active about 5 days now)
      My page:

    5. mike thomas ages ago | reply

      Wow, tough crowd. This is one of my favorite pix. Keep 'em coming -- maybe I need to recalibrate!

    6. Mariana Jatahy ages ago | reply

      What is this? I also have no idea what the subject is.

      Score 5/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    7. mike thomas ages ago | reply

      It is the top of a wall, the rest of which isn't all that interesting. I wish I'd taken more shots of it so I could try another, but I didn't :-\. I shot what was interesting to me (and apparently only me :-)).

    8. gigantic border [deleted] ages ago | reply

      this is a great shot, love the colors and tones, great image....9/10

    9. SoliloquyTea ages ago | reply

      I like it, sir. If nothing else the subject is the wall. It takes you straight back, into the garden. Maybe I'm not a professional, but I still have an eye for good photographs and I say this is one of them!!! Are the others in one of your sets?

    10. mike thomas ages ago | reply

      @plaidsy: Thanks! This pic got very little respect :-\

      The rest of the photos are in this set:

      (FYI, you can also see set/pool membership of any photo along the right hand side of the photo page)

    11. trudyfernette 119 months ago | reply

      A great picture...Some times people don't understand that you can see more with less. It is a very relaxing picture for me to look at.

    12. mike thomas 119 months ago | reply

      Thanks, trudy. This has always been a favorite of mine.

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