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Yes, SOY does in fact have GRAS status - Yes Soy is officially Generally Recognized As Safe - Soya Isolate Soybean Protein Already fully FDA approved - 8 | by Paleo-Crossfit-Omnivore-Lowcarb-NonVegan-Meat-Diet
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Yes, SOY does in fact have GRAS status - Yes Soy is officially Generally Recognized As Safe - Soya Isolate Soybean Protein Already fully FDA approved - 8

SOY has GRAS status. Soy tested scientifically fine and was found OK. The "Soy Dangers" and "Soy Estrogen" scare myths are now exposed to be a hoax, traced to a discredited Anti-American Extremist Front-group called the WAPF (The Weston A. Price Foundation) which turned out to be a fraud group which concocts and fabricates fallacious unhealthy nutritional information to appear to people as 'scientific-looking' in order to dupe and hurt Americans. Soy does not contain any estrogen. At all. And the plant-form phytoextrogen (phyto = plant) has now been shown to have the reverse effect. In other words, it BLOCKS estrogen. So vegans eating soy and tofu actually turned out in the actual laboratory blood analysis tests to have HIGHER testosterone than men who eat meat. Soy blocked the real mammalian animal form estrogen from entering the receptor sites in the cells. In other words, it's the opposite of what you have been told by this fake health group.


Soya Isolate Protein is Already FDA approved. Soy was found to contain No mammalian Estrogen. None at all. Negative. And is now shown safe for Men, Women, children, and babies, and for all. In addition it is a complete protein for athletes building muscle mass.





Yes SOY does in fact have GRAS status Soy is officially Generally Recognized As Safe and is fully FDA APPROVED


The correct fact is that Soy is indeed officially granted the status "Generally Recognized As Safe". As shown in the enclosed document image. Proof.


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Soy Isolate Protein is Already FDA approved.






[Note: The "soy myth" "dangers of soy" "whole soy story" "truth about soy" "soy has estrogen myth" "soy testosterone myth" "soy infant formula myth" etc were all found to bean internet hoax traced to a quack group called the "WAPF", the Weston A. Price Foundation, which is a front-group that spreads false nutritional information doctored to appear like it is scientific but it's fake. All of it turned out to be false. Members found tied to the WAPF include Dr. Joseph Mercola, who was revealed not to be an M.D. but rather an O.D. which is not a Medical Doctor, Jospeh Mercola of was caught and multiply cited by FEDERAL AUTHORITIES for making false health claims. "Dr" Barry Groves another member of the WAPF had his Accreditation Revoked after his saturated fat bacon diet claims were found to be bogus. It was also found that he purchased his diploma from a "distance learning" spamsite and is also not certified to practice medicine. Kaayla T Daniel PhD a Board Member of the WAPF was found to have a bogus health degree simply purchased her degree online off the internet and her PhD degree is bogus. She also purports herself as a "Dr." with the Weston Price Foundation even though her degree also turned out to be dubious. It was then revealed that Sally Fallon Morell, who was spreading articles cheering people to eat lard, bacon, red meat, and loads of butter and saturated fat, to lose weight has no science degree, merely a diploma in "English". Sally Fallon is president of the Weston Price Foundation, and at the same time telling you if you eat what she says you'll lose weight, Sally Falln herself on her own meat and fat diet is overweight and fat. Mercola, Kaayla T. Daniel and Mary G. Enig are the source of huge volumes of the "Dangers of Soy" hoax articles that have now laced the internet on sites where the users are less-educated in Science. Mercola had his Accreditation revoked by the Better Business Bureau for scamming and/or bilking customers of his website and Mercola got so many BBB complaints that Mercola Nutritionals now has an "F" RATING for his website with the Better Busines Bureau. WATCH for any dummy articles on Soy. Check for links in it that trace to the WAPF, or references that list any of the perpetrators above. Also any comment postings made, or seen, attempting to go on about Soy being harmful to babies, that soy causes cancer, that soy is not a healthy food, does not have GRAS status, turns boys gay, that soy is harmful to men, causes manboobs, things saying Soy is Evil, etc are all indicative of someone unaware that all of that has turned out to be false. If you see it, sadly the individual is another who was duped, generally those on chat-boards or blogs, not so educated and familiar with Medical science. This should tell you all you need to know about the Weston A. Price Foundation. Their chief spokesperson was a man named Stephen Byrnes. Stephen Byrnes spewed out volumes of articles with claims that loads of fat and meat were actually "good for your heart" and that eating lard, butter, saturated fat, bacon, cholesterol were great for your health, and that eating healthy fruits and veggies were terrible. He even went so far out in the fringe at the WAPF as to write multiple articles bad-mouthing and criticizing and railing against fruits and vegetables and vegans and vegetarians and whatnot, instead advocating a WAPF diet of loads of meat and pork and fat and that it was great for your heart and your health. Dr. Stephen Byrnes is DEAD. He died of heart disease and a stroke. At the age of 41. This should reveal all anyone needs to know who is seen believing or praising food or diet information coming from Weston A. Price. - Weston A. Price is now listed on QUACKWATCH.ORG and categorized as a known medical quack organization and its articles books and diet information are now regarded by Authorities as a threat to public health, especially victimizing people's familes and children.]


And also if you ever see anyone on a blog quoting the Weston Price Foundation, reply back to their comment with the above url, exposing their activities. Also, watch for the names Sally Fallon, Mary G. Enig, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Barry Groves, Kaayla T Daniel, Stephen Byrnes, and others in any supposed text, or book, or 'article' that someone has posted supposedly making these claims. If you see someone on a blog repeating or parroting a supposed source that 'proves' all of these supposed claims, look and see if that article is traced from that blog back to another one which is also tied to the WAPF. If so, what they've just done is spread fallacious health material tied to a front-group known for making false medical claims in order to dupe people and hurt children called the Weston A. Price foundation. This group is tied to Crossfit, Paleo, and the Lowcarb diet industry.


View this BEFORE you ever believe or cite anything from the Weston A. Price Foundation:








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Taken on March 31, 2012